Lees of Memory - Unnecessary Evil (Vinyl LP)

$ 32.00

2022 stereo mix. On 2014's Sisyphus Says, the Lees of Memory led by ex-Superdrag frontman John Davis with able assistance from guitarist Brandon Fisher (also formerly of Superdrag) and drummer Nick Slack debuted with a heady blast of shoegazey squall. Unnecessary Evil (mixed in mono) is more streamlined and sonically varied, a closer cousin, perhaps, to the classic output of Davis' former band, and it's even better than it's predecessor. The opening 'Any Way But Down' chimes away like the Church's 'The Unguarded Moment' (one of the best songs ever, so there's an idea of how worthy it is), and Davis, an avowed Big Star acolyte, neatly echoes that group's melodic greatness with 'XLII.' Fear not, the trio doesn't abandon what made Sisyphus so appealing: 'Just For A Moment,' co-penned by Fisher, and the closing 'Look Away,' which starts quietly and climaxes epically, are infused with that record's sweeping scope. No matter the style, Davis' songwriting brilliance ensures Unnecessary Evil you knew this was coming is essential. Matt Hickey (Magnet Magazine).