Brian Setzer - Setzer Goes Instru-MENTAL! (Splatter Vinyl LP)

$ 23.00

A "musician's musician" who's credited with continually taking chances with innovative and daring musical styles, Brian Setzer took two forgotten genres, rockabilly and swing, added his own blend of gunpowder and rockin' style, and completely reinvented and single-handedly resurrected them in the process. Setzer's legendary career has led him through four critically acclaimed and successful phases from the Stray Cats, to solo albums, the Rockabilly Riot and The Brian Setzer Orchestra. After over 40 years of honing his craft, Setzer delivered his first all-instrumental album with 2011's Setzer Goes Instru-Mental! Which put his world-class guitar skills on full display. Featuring "Go-Go Godzilla!" from the Soul Surfer soundtrack, the album earned Setzer a Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Instrumental Album in 2012. Colored 180g vinyl LP.