Cramps - Hanky Panky (The Flanders Broadcast 1996) (Vinyl 2 LP)

$ 27.00
A1 Mad Daddy
A2 Rock On The Moon
A3 The Way I Walk
A4 Hanky Panky
A5 Hangup
A6 Fissure Of Rolando
B1 Papa Satan Sang Louie
B2 Big Black Witchcraft
B3 It Thing Hard On
B4 Primitive
B5 Caveman
B6 Let's Get Fucked Up
C1 Dames Booze Chains Boots
C2 TV Set
C3 Psychotic Reaction
C4 Wrong Way Ticket
C5 Tear It Up
D1 What's Inside A Girl ?
D2 Interview
D3 Her Love Rubbed Off
D4 Interview
D5 Can Your Pussy Do The Dog ?