DJ Shadow - Endtroducing..... [Half-Speed Master 7" Single]

$ 17.00

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of DJ Shadow's landmark debut Endtroducing... with the with this exclusive half-speed mastered 7" single featuring simply one the greatest remixes of the era, Cut Chemist's remix of "The Number Song." Side B features a new track, exclusive to this release "Endtroducing: Drums, Drops & Scratches," created by DJ Shadow to celebrate the anniversary. Endtroducing... is one of those albums that defied categorization. When it was released in 1996, it tore up the hip-hop rulebook, straddled electronica, ambient and trip hop, and introduced it's creator as one of the most forward-thinking minds in music. As the album cover made perfectly clear, Endtroducing... was a create-digger's paradise: a voyage of discovery that refuses to age, and which continues to reveal new facets to fans that have lived with it for the last two and a half decades.