Pat Metheny - Road To The Sun (Vinyl LP)

$ 28.00

Composer, multi-instrumentalist and twenty time Grammy-winner Pat Metheny returns with Road To The Sun, his debut for BMG Modern Recordings and the latest chapter in an endlessly innovative career that spans nearly five decades. A collection of two major new works composed by Metheny and performed by five of the world ́s leading guitarists, Road To The Sun unveils new facets of an already expansive personal language while obliterating any genre boundaries that stand in it's way. Over nearly half a century, across an unprecedented range, the common thread in Metheny's music is that it is unmistakably his. No matter the setting, within a few notes, you know it is Pat Metheny. And with Road To The Sun, the depth of his personal conception is presented in a context that is as clarifying as it is bracing.