Sweet William - Beat Theme EP2 (Vinyl LP)

$ 36.00

Whole body music dedicated to the beat. Sweet William's masterpiece, born here. As a solo name, this is the long-awaited new album for the first time in about 5 years. The title is 'Beat Theme'. Inspiration and memories spun from a wide variety of music that I love and love have been sublimated into a single album as a 45-minute beat work. All 14 songs, all Instrumental. A number of songs that show a number of dense expressions that relive the world that spreads in the brain of one beat maker invites listeners to the stage with beat music. Kentaro Kimura (KIMKEN STUDIO) was in charge of mastering. The art direction was done by TAKAIYAMA INC. Hideyuki Yamano. The jacket newly written by up-and-coming illustrator Moeno Otsu and the loop animation covering all the songs bring more depth to this work. From the first song, the first second, to the 14th song, the last second. Beat music of the whole body and the heart of one musician who devoted his life to the beat. This work contains the latter 7 songs from a total of 14 songs. Sweet William Born in 1990, Japanese beat maker. Delicate and stoic trackmaking, exceptional sampling sense, and sonic scenes continue to attract many listeners of all ages and genres.