The Head Hunter (Original Soundtrack) (Limited Edition Colored Vinyl)

$ 36.00
Ship to Shore PhonoCo. Is proud to present Nick Soole's masterful score to the fantasy-horror motion picture The Head Hunter! Featuring minimal dialogue, The Head Hunter concerns a Viking warrior who protects the outskirts of his city from supernatural, mythical creatures. When his daughter is murdered by one of the very beasts he was meant to destroy, he finds himself alone and disillusioned, and becomes obsessed with getting revenge... A film with few words will often have to rely on it's visual and non-dialogue audio components to tell the story, and this is exactly what we get with Jordan Downey's remarkable feature The Head Hunter. Boasting an impressive sound design to draw us into the cold, snowy world and fabulous sound effects to make us feel every squelch of mud, every crack of bone and every slice of the hero's sword, the soundtrack sandwiches the elements together whilst providing the emotional pull of the narrative. Thankfully, composer Nick Soole has not only created a musical score that allows us to follow the Head Hunter's mental state - from grief, pain and faithlessness to rage, horror and fear - but also stands on it's own as a work of art when listened separately to the movie. Available on vinyl in a limited edition "Viking Flame" orange variant, don't miss out on getting a copy!