Vanessa Carlton - Be Not Nobody (Red Vinyl)

$ 25.00

Limited red colored vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket with printed inner sleeve featuring full lyrics and credits. The 2002 debut from this 21 year-old singer-songwriter (and classically-trained pianist) went Platinum and scored a Top Five single with 'Thousand Miles' and another Top 40 hit with 'Ordinary Day' That kind of commercial success might predispose one to presume that Carlton was another in a long line of Madonna descendants named Britney or Mandy or Christina. Instead, her earnest songwriting, positively Wakeman-like piano chops, and some ambitious production touches (from producer Ron Fair) land her squarely in the Fiona/Alanis/Tori camp of young female singer-songwriters, with maybe a little Alicia Keys in there, too. Be Not Nobody makes it's worldwide debut on vinyl with a package worthy of it's artistic vision.