The Donnas - American Teenage Rock 'n' Roll Machine (Color Vinyl LP)

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Better production? Check. Better musicianship? Check. A more mature attitude? $#@! no! Released just a year after The Donnas' first, self-titled record, American Teenage Rock 'N' Roll Machine slowed the tempos a bit-think more Runaways and KISS, less Ramones-but, with songs like "Checkin' It Out" and "Leather on Leather," the libidinous lyrics remained unchecked. Nor did The Donnas' penchant for crafting catchy hooks, supercharged by the budding guitar heroics of Allison Robertson. Our reissue comes with a fresh remastering for vinyl from the original masters by Mike Milchner, and features band commentary along with the original "pin-up" calendar. Fire orange with black swirl pressing... shake in the action! A1. Rock 'N' Roll Machine A2. You Make Me Hot A3. Checkin' It Out A4. Gimmie My Radio A5. Outta My Mind B1. Looking for Blood B2. Leather on Leather B3. Wanna Get Some Stuff B4. Speed Demon B5. Shake in the Action