We buy your gently used vinyl - Or trade if you still collect!

Now is the time to get some cash for your collection. It all depends on artists and overall condition, but we give very fair offers and treat your records with great care while preparing them for our sales floor. Our customers love seeing new​ collections come in, so please know your records can find new life in great hands.

See below for more info:

SELLHave a box or two? Have a whole collection? We are interested! Get some cash instead of it sitting around. We may not take everything, but are interested in 33s(not 78s) and select 45s. We love a variety of genres! Feel free to bring them by one day and drop them off for us to look over. Best times are Monday-Friday between 12-5pm. It may not take long, just depends on the amount you bring in. Price varies per record based on the pressing and the condition. We can't give you a guess on what we can offer until we see them. We are thorough and fair. We appreciate you trusting us with your musical life! If your collection is too large to bring in, we can come to you! 

TRADE- Want to support your record buying habit? Then bring in some of your collection you don't listen to anymore. We can offer a bit more for trade in store credit than we can cash, and it allows someone else to enjoy the music! Same thing applies for trades, we don't take 78s and may not take everything. We would love to look at what you've got. 

AUDIO GEAR- We are also interested in select vintage audio. From receivers, turntables, cassette decks, and stereos. We are a bit more particular here. So we recommend emailing us photos and model numbers on your equipment before you take the time to haul it into the shop. We can then give you an idea of if its worth it to bring it in. Don't hesitate to email us, you never know!


Bring Us Your Old Vinyl