Shop our Used New Arrivals Bin online! Updated at 1pm CST the following day after a fresh stack vid is posted on Insta or Facebook. Because we are open as well, there is always a chance a customer in the shop can have a record in their hand but not purchased yet. In those cases the customer in the shop will get priority. 

We use the standard grading system, but are very conservative. We VPI clean and play-grade all used vinyl. We don't put anything under VG online unless it is super rare. 


VG+  Minimal surface wear. Minimal (if any) surface noise. This is usually our highest grading. We very rarely use NM on anything. 

VG     Some visual surface wear. Potentially some surface noise here or there. No major skips or marks. 


VG+  No major ring/corner/edge wear
VG    Could have some creasing or edge wear. 

Notes are usually made if extra sleeve damage you cannot see in photo.
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