Dead Or Alive - Let Them Drag My Soul Away (Import Red Vinyl LP)

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Limited red colored vinyl LP pressing. Having been 'discovered' working in Liverpool's Probe Records during the punk rock explosion of the late 1970s, Pete Burns found himself fronting his own band, Nightmares In Wax who mutated into the more familiar Dead or Alive, eventually bringing Pete into the UK pop mainstream, and a star was born. Bringing together two-self-released 1982 singles and a collection of early versions of Hi-NRG tracks which would eventually find their way onto the band's debut album, 'Let Them Drag My Soul Away' showcases the blossoming of one of the 80s pop scene's most colorful characters. Unapologetic, unfiltered, loud and proud - Pete Burns singularly brought a punk rock mindset to the pop paradigm, providing a much needed antidote to the sexless Thatcherite stars beginning to dominate the UK pop charts during the middle of the decade - this collection of recordings captures something of that spirit and the energy of the driving force behind it.